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    SoftwareBazaar.com started its operation in November  2011. It is a premium on-line retailer of computer software,hardware and accessories.

    SoftwareBazaar.com sells a wide selection of packaged branded software ,computer hardware and wireless and other accessories to end users and small business in India.It sources its products from reputed vendors of the industry and sells products that are 100% original and are brand new.

     SoftwareBazaar.com was nominated  for IndiaMart Leaders Of Tomorrow Award. It was also nominated for India-International Achievers Award for 2013.

    It is the aim of SoftwareBazaar.com to offer a secure , transparent and happy online shopping experience to its users. Technology could be baffling to many a user--so get in touch with us through email or phone. It doesn't have to be about what product to buy; it could be about advice on which software to buy,or you could learn about how to configure your antivirus on your laptop or learn about which computer server you can use.

    SoftwareBazaar.com enjoys talking to you and if nothing else it will consider" talking to you"   its reward.

    SoftwareBazaar.com is owned by Easy Infosystems which is selling computer software and hardware in Kolkata, West Bengal.

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