Product Comparison System

    VP SuperMart has a built in ajax product comparison system which works with a help of a system plugin and a module. Since it does not use any component set up process the comparison page is little different. Therefore we will explain the process step by step below.

    After the installing the template package ( in your site go the Plugin Manager and enable the plugin called "VP VirtueMart Compare".

    Product Comparison Tutorial


    Now go to Content >> Category Manager and create new content category with any name you like. For our example lets assume the name of this category as "Shop"

    Next go to Content >> Article Manager and create a new Article. In the title field of the article enter the name that you want to show as the title of the product comparison page. For our example consider the name as "Compare Products". Select the article category as "Shop" which you created in the previous step. Now in the content area of the article enter {loadcompare} as the only text. This a mos text which will be replaced by "VP VirtueMart Compare" plugin with the compare page data afterwards. Now you can save the article. 

    Product Comparison Tutorial


    After saving the article please note down the Article ID which we will require later. 

    Product Comparison Tutorial


    Now go to Menu >> Menu Manager >> Add New Menu and create a new Menu. We will not publish this Menu in the site therefore lets name the Menu as "Hidden Menu"

    Now go to Menu >> Hidden Menu >> Add New Menu Item and create a direct menu item for the Article which we have created earlier for the Compare page. Lets name the menu item as "Compare Products". See the below screenshot for better understanding. 

    Product Comparison Tutorial


    Now save Menu and note down the the Menu ID which we will need in the next step. 

    Product Comparison Tutorial


    Now go to Joomla Module Manager and publish the module called "VirtueMart Product Compare" at module position - 'compare'. Enter the previously noted Article ID and the Menu ID in the respective fields of the module.

    Product Comparison Tutorial


    Do not forget to select the menu item in the module where you want the compare module to displayed.


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