Module Positions

    VP SuperMart comes with 32 unique Module Positions.

    13 of these positions can accommodate up to 6 modules side by side if published in the same position. These positions are: top-left, top-right, main-top-1, main-top-2, content-top-1, content-top-2, content-bottom-1, content-bottom-2, main-bottom-1, main-bottom-2, info, bottom-1 and bottom-2

    It also has two very unique and new module position. Now you can show promotional banner or some other static module within the Mini Cart Module and also in the Cart Page. This new module position for the Mini Cart is mini-promo and for the Cart Page the module position is called as cart-promo. To check the purpose these positions please mouse over the Mini Cart Module or visit Cart Page. 

    A detailed view of all the standard module positions can be found in the image shown below:

    Module Positions

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