VirtueMart Settings

    When open the template from your Joomla Template manager the 4th head that you will find is "VirtueMart Settings". See screenshot and scroll below for more explanation of each of these options.


    VirtueMart Settings


    1. Product Filter in Category Page: This field has 3 options - No, Show at Left Side and Show at Right Side. You can change the settings to show or hide product filter in Category page from here.
    2. Category Page Navigation: The template has two types of page navigation feature for category product listing page. This field has two option - (1) Single Page Loading - Load all product is single page with load more product button at the bottom of the page which is shown on page scroll. (2) Multiple Page Loading - This is the standard page navigation option but with ajax loading feature.
    3. Quick View Button: Show or hide Quick View button in Product Listing pages. 
    4. Add to Compare Button: Show or Hide Add to Compare Button in Product Listing pages. 
    5. Hide Side Modules in Product Page: This enables you to hide the modules publish at left and right module positions in Product Details Page to utilize the full body width of the template.
    6. Hide Side Modules in Cart Page: This enables you to hide the modules publish at left and right module positions in Cart Page to utilize the full body width of the template.
    7. Hide Sidebar, Manufacturer & Related Products in Product Page: This enables you to hide VirtueMart sidebar layout position, manufacturer and related product column which is normally shown at the right side in Product Details Page. This is option is disabled by default. You can enable if you need.
    8. Manufacturer Sorting: Enable/disable Manufacturer Sorting field in Category Page.
    9. Activate Manufacturer Details Page Link in Product Page: This allows you to enable or disable the Manufacturer Logo or Name in Product Details page to be linked to Manufacturer Details Page.
    10. Mouse Over Effect in Product Listing Page: Enable or disable mouse over effect of product boxes in product listing page for desktop browsers. 
    11. Enable Cloud Zoom: Enable or disable mouse over image Cloud zoom feature in Product Details Page. 
    12. Show Quantity field in Product Details Page: Show or hide Quantity Selector in Product Details Page.
    13. Show SKU: Show or hide SKU in Product Details Page.
    14. Show Social Buttons in Product Details Page: Show or hide social sharing buttons in Product Details page. These buttons are provided by
    15. Show Discount Percentage: Show or hide Discount Percentage below price display area. 

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