Template Settings

    VP SuperMart has many new features and it also comes with a very flexible template settings page.

    A screenshot of the template settings is attached below for ready reference. As you can see in the screenshot the basic options are split into 7 separate heads and we will now explain each settings under these heads.

    1. Basic Options
    2. Custom Color Options
    3. Main Menu Settings
    4. VirtueMart Settings
    5. Compare Page Settings
    6. VirtueMart Product Tag Settings
    7. Advanced Options 


    Open Template Settings: Joomla Template Manager >> VP SuperMart 


    Basic Options:

    Template Settings

    When you open the template from your template manager after installation, the first head that you will find is Basic Options of the template.

    As you can see in the attached screenshot it has 2 options: 

    1. Select Template Style: VP SuperMart has three preset template styles - Default, Light and Dark. You can chose your desired template style here.
    2. Optimize JS & CSS Files: When enabled it optimizes the template Javascripts and CSS Style sheets using modern web standard methods i.e. combine, minify, gzip, server side cache and browser side cache. It helps your site to load much faster than a normal template. In the development stage of your site if you are customizing the template then we recommend you to disable this feature to avoid unnecessary browser cache. By default this option is disabled. When you site is live you can enable this at your convenience. 

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