Compare Page Settings

    When open the template from your Joomla Template manager the 5th head that you will find is "Compare Page Settings". See screenshot and scroll below for more explanation of each of these options.


    Compare Page Settings


    1. Product per Row: Number of products to be shown in a single row in Product Comparison Page.
    2. Show SKU: Show or hide SKU in Product Comparison Page.
    3. Show Price: Show or hide Product Price in Product Comparison Page.
    4. Show Short Description: Show or Hide product short description in Product Comparison page.
    5. Show Description: Show or hide Product Description in Product Comparison Page.
    6. Show Availability: Show or hide product availability information in Product Comparison Page.
    7. Show Custom Fields: Show or hide normal custom fields (which is shown under the tabular content area in product details page) in Product Comparison Page. 
    8. Show Add to Cart: Show or hide Add to Cart option and Cart attributed in Product Comparison Page.

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